Canon Printer Drivers


Canon Printer Drivers

Canon Printer Drivers

Involving in the printing work is still incomplete if you have only bought but not downloaded and installed the Canon Printer Drivers into your PC/laptop. The printer drivers are software that helps in converting your data into a printing format in your selected language. Also, it would help you the best if you download and install the Canon printer drivers by using the ij.start.cannon, a free and reliable source to get drivers for setup. Furthermore, once you download and install the printer drivers, you can enjoy every printing function in an enhanced way, such as: faxing, text printing, color printing, duplex printing, scanning, copying, and more. 


Moreover, you are not done here because the Canon printer setup process is equally essential to get the printing outcomes. Therefore, to make your work easier, here is the entire process to get Canon printer drivers. After successfully installing them you can complete the Canon printer setup process. That’s why it is best advised to go through the downward information for processing entirely.

Preparing the Printer

To prepare your printer before you start printing, remove all the packaging from your printer, then insert the connector into the wall outlet to power ‘ON’ your printer. After that, place the papers into the tray and turn ‘ON’ your printer.

Inserting the Cartridges and Choosing the Language

To insert the cartridges, you need to place your sheets and cartridges into the input tray. Further, to choose the language, turn ‘ON’ your printer and fill the ink cartridges in your printer to proceed with your Canon printer setup process.

Determining Grids and Aligning the Scanner

Determining the grids enables your printer to decide where to print on paper. Also, it allows you to review your printouts and reset the grids if required via the settings options. Furthermore, you need to place the PCB on the scanner to align the scanner and run the scan to get your printing outcomes.

Process of Downloading the Canon Printer Drivers via ij.start.cannon

To easily download the Canon printer drivers into your system, you can either follow the downward steps or access the ij.start.cannon URL:

First, power ‘ON’ your system and enable your Wi-Fi for network connectivity. After that, open a safe and secure web browser and enter the ij.start.cannon URL into the address bar. 

Next, once you complete the above step, it will redirect you to the official website of Canon. Then, it would help if you pressed the ‘Enter’ key to open the webpage. 

Now, you need to click on the ‘Setup tab’ option. Doing this enables you to access the product Selection window.  

Afterward, jump on to the “search field” and enter your printer model name. Moreover, the Search field will appear in the center of your screen. Also, to find your printer model number, check the outer side of your printer. And then click the ‘Go’ option to move forward. 

Further, once the Download window of appears on your screen. Then, it is necessary to double-check the Operating System field and immediately make the changes if needed. After that, click the Download option to download the “canon printer drivers” into your system. 

Finally, while processing, never swap and change the screen and run other additional software on your system to avoid any delay and hassles. Also, save the file in a secure folder once you complete the Canon printer driver’s downloading process. Moreover, after successfully installing the Canon printer drivers into your system, you can install the Canon printer drivers in your system.

Search For Your Drivers

To Get Started

canon printer drivers
Process of Installing the Canon Printer Drivers via ij.start.cannon

To easily install the Canon printer drivers into your system, either you can follow the downward steps or access the ij.start.cannon URL

Firstly, look for the “Downloads” folder to run the files. Also, remember to avoid configuring or customizing the file location for downloading. Then, double-click on the Canon print Drivers setup files. After that, click the “Run” option to carry onward.

Next, you will see the Canon printer drivers on your screen. Also, verifying the preferred language in which you want your printing outcomes is necessary. Then, you need to click the “Next” option.

Afterward, choose whether a USB connector or Wi-Fi connection to create a link between your wireless Canon printer and your system. Furthermore, you will see the printer drivers or software list on your screen.

Now, enable all the preferred checkboxes of your selected package. Also, ensure your system must have enough space to install the Canon printer drivers. After that, click the “Next” option and move to ij.start.cannon URL to begin with your Canon printer setup process.

Further, after prompting the License Agreement window, review the document to avoid any disruptions while processing. And, once you are agreed, use the ij.start.cannon URL to start installing your selected Canon printer drivers into your system.

Finally, it would help if you waited for a while until the installation process gets over. After that, you can take the printouts to test your newly downloaded and installed Canon printer driver.

Printer setup by connecting via WiFi and USB Cable

Wireless Network

Connecting your Printer with your system via a Wi-Fi network is easy. And to do this, go to the Wireless Settings screen on your Canon printer. After that, select the Wireless LAN Setup Wizard option. Then, connect to your Wi-Fi network to pair up your system.

Connecting Canon IJ Printer to WiFi

USB Cable

Using the USB cable while connecting your printer with your system will make it easy and straightforward. Furthermore, while connecting, take your USB cable and insert one end of it into your system and the other into your printer. Hence, you can use this process for taking printouts.

Printer Driver Update (Windows)

Once you have Canon Printer Drivers, your printer device will function properly, delivering quality prints and every other command. However, to continue that, it is essential to update. Furthermore, refreshing it regularly is crucial as well. Therefore, with the flow of Canon printer setup, follow this section to learn driver updates.  

The below directions will take you through the procedure of updating Canon drivers. 

➔ To begin with, launch Device Manager by pressing the “Windows” and ‘R’ keys simultaneously.

➔ Next, type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialog box. 

➔ Consequently, a menu will open. There, tap on the printer files.

➔ Following that, look for your printer under the ‘print queues”z option. 

➔ Once you have found your Canon printer, right-click on the listed option.

➔ Click the “Update Driver” option from the drop-down. 

➔ Then, tap “Search automatically” for updated driver software.

➔ Finally, restart your system to ensure that the update is complete.

With that, your printer driver update procedure ends. Ensure to adhere to the above instructions as prompted for extensive use of printer devices and drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the prerequisites to keep in mind before proceeding with the Canon printer setup process?

Before proceeding with the Canon printer setup process, first, have good internet connectivity and a modem to establish a Wi-Fi connection. Also, your system must have enough required space to install the Canon printer drivers into your system.

2. What are the Canon printer drivers and their uses to download it from ij.start.cannon?

The Canon printer drivers are the software that needs to be downloaded and installed into your system to transfer your data into a printing format. Doing this enables your printer to print in your desired language. Furthermore, using the ij.start.cannon while downloading the Canon printer drivers is the easiest, safest and fastest process, which gives you free access while downloading.

3. How can you perform the process of connecting the printer to your system via the WiFi network and a USB cable?

Choose the Wi-Fi or wireless network to connect to, only if your printer is wireless and based on advanced technology. Also, this feature enables you to connect the wireless printer with your system by using a Wi-Fi network. Before you start processing, download and install the Canon printer drivers into your system, then jump onto the ‘Wireless Settings’ option, which you will see on your screen. Last, select the Wireless LAN Setup Wizard, and then establish a connection by connecting it to the Wi-Fi network.

4. What to do if Canon Printer Drivers are Unable to Install on my System?

While performing the Canon printer setup, ensure to complete the printer hardware setup first. Following that, download the correct printer driver for your OS using a consistent WiFi network. After that, look at the procedure described in the setup manual for proper installation. Furthermore, uninstall the printer driver if the driver is not installed correctly. Then, please restart your computer, and reinstall it.

5. How to Download Canon Printer Drivers via URL?

To download and install the drivers for your system's Canon printer, the URL and a basic Canon printer driver installer kit are all you need to get started. Additionally, you can process according to the guideline or the procedure listed above.

6. Installation Error Code on Canon Printer! How to fix that?

Start by making sure that the printer driver is compatible with your OS. As you proceed to the second phase, you can also examine the printer software. Verify that you are downloading the correct Canon printer driver from the company's official website. You must connect your Canon printer to your computer after downloading the driver.

7. What Should I do if Canon Printer Drivers Need to be Fxed?

There could be any reason behind your printer stopping functioning. Following are some solutions that a user can try to fix the "Printer driver not available" issue: First, activate the Windows Update Tool. Update your printer drivers manually from a reliable source. Update Your Printer Drivers regularly to avoid any incomprehensible functioning.